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UCP Community App For Towns/Cities/Muncipalities

Our UCP community app brings your city/town closer to the citizens they serve. This can reduce barriers between local government and citizens.

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How UCP City App Streamlines Communication: A Visual Explanation

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Exploring the Key Features of UCP City/ Towns/ Municipalities/ Communities : Enhancing Community Engagement and Public Safety

UCP (Unified Communication Platform) City is a comprehensive system that leverages cutting-edge technology to enhance community engagement and public safety. One of the unique aspects of UCP Community is its flexibility. Users can easily add or remove features based on their specific needs.

Instantly connect citizens with local leaders/ Public Safety officials

Citizens who need to reach someone in your local jurisdiction can use the app to contact the right person in the right department directly. All contact information for departments is located in one location within the mobile app.

Citizens can provide tips/ reports/ information/ Grievances for the town or city

Citizens can report potholes or any other grievance anonymously or with their contact information; GPS coordinates, photos, videos, and other relevant information can also be relayed to ensure quick action. City and town governments can route incoming tips or grievances from the public to specific departments.

Streamline internal communication

The City government can create teams and securely broadcast information to individuals or teams. Templates are available and can be reused as needed.

Hold public officials accountable

Read receipts are available for compliance. These ensure officials are held accountable for acting on the information they receive.

Encrypted Information to Your Staff

Encrypted information sent to your staff will only be available for download by the City Officials for compliance and court-ordered purposes.

Off duty tab or overtime

For Cities that need a simple overtime or off duty system.

Social Media Link

Public alerts can be attached to your social media pages, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Multiple layers of security ensure that all information transmitted through the app is 100% secure. Our company is NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certified. StackBench is headquartered in Charlotte, NC, and has 15+ years of experience providing clients with great service.

iOS and Android Native Apps

The mobile app branded to your city works on iPhone and Android platforms and supports Apple Watch.

Community Improvement Solution

Instantly connect with your community using our UCP Community app - an community-branded smartphone application. The new home buyers who are Millennials and Gen-Z are more smartphone-dependent than any other generation. Make them the voice, eyes, and ears of your city built upon trust.

Training Solution

We offer powerful Training tools through our UCP Community App that helps employees to be trained and be on top of their processes. Learning tools can consist of your own videos, podcasts, and reading material.

Highlight Your City/Towns/Municipalities

Provide valuable information about your city - history, events, milestones, or ongoing development to your citizens as well as visitors. A branded mobile app for your city is an excellent way to teach your youth about the long heritage of your city or municipality.

Utility Payments

Provide an easy way for citizens to pay their utility bills right from the app whether it is one time payment or scheduling a recurring monthly payment. Our app will integrate with the current software you use for processing utility payments.

How Citizens Can Use UCP Community App

Customizable informational tabs for citizens - Know your Mayor/City Manager, Praise/Complaint, Events, Elected Officials, Employment/Career, History of your city, Resources, For Visitors, etc. All public alerts can be posted to the community’s social media pages like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, & Twitter. Save broadcast message templates for reuse.

Infrastructure Certifications : Our Commitment to Hosting on Industry Recognized Standards.

About StackBench

SB is the product arm of Confianz Global inc in Charlotte, a 15 year old software development company building and supporting complex enterprise solutions for SMBs to large corporations. We are proud of what we do and have a genuine passion and love for improving the lives of men and women in service. We are a 100+ staffed team with customers across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. The people in charge are trained on our solutions; they are also retired cops. You are not dealing with third parties or waiting on a phone IVR. We support our customers via email and phone.

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Yes. The UCP Community app is specially designed so that your community leaders can communicate internally and externally using our Alerts.

Yes, the UCP Community App is designed to broadcast critical information to citizens. Every citizen who downloads the app will get the broadcasted updates in real-time.

Yes. Our vision is to listen to every community and build new and innovative features that will be available to all communities.

Yes. We are open to working with your community if you need special customization.

Yes. Our UCP Community App has a native iOS app made available on the community’s Apple App Store account.

Yes. Our UCP Community App is a native Android app made available on the community’s Google Play Store account.

We have considered all the security measures to protect your community’s confidential data. Data between the UCP Community App server and the iOS and Android apps are encrypted. The backend system has granular access controls and is accessible only via a whitelisted IP. On top of that, multiple login attempts will be blocked. We have also enabled OTP (One Time Password) for every login to the backend or the mobile app.

No. Currently, we only sell in the United States. If you are interested in using our product from a different country, please email [email protected]

At StackBench, we want to make the solutions available for small cities and larger ones. Our pricing is affordable and depends on the number of public officials using the app.

The minimum is one year, but we have multi-year contracts with discounts.

This is a new product from StackBench, but our parent company Confianz Global Inc services more than 150+ customers. The UCP application performs the same service as our competitors at a competitive price. We provide great service, and you will get personalized service with the contract. We have police departments in more than 5 states using a different version of this product.

Yes, StackBench will retrofit the application to fit your department’s requirements.

Yes, Ken Schul will set up an appointment with you at a convenient time. The process can be done on Zoom and will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes, depending on your questions.

Approximately six weeks is required to set up the Community App. The majority of the time is to get the app approved on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Yes, all information is archived when you use the Community App for your community. How long the data is stored/archived will depend on your community requirements and State Law.

Yes, the Community App is 100% free for citizens to download from the Google Play and iOS stores.

Yes, we will provide the marketing package to put on your social media sites and community websites to attract your citizens to download the app.

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